Thursday, 20 August 2015

Crochet: Dutch blanket

After I finished making the Sophie blanket, I started making the Dutch blanket (Hollanddeken). This blanket was also made in a Crochet A Long (CAL).
I am on week 16 now. It is a total of 26 weeks. I have all the patterns already as I was a late starter, just like with Sophie.
The Dutch blanket is not on a website. It is published through a facebook group and only in Dutch as far as I am aware.
The patterns do not include Tunesian crochet, but as I like that better to crochet an image into a square I used that. This means that I am by height right, but in width I am not, so I will adapt them to fit with the rest of the squares.

Here are the photos of the 16 finished weeks.