Monday, 14 September 2015

Beef and pork from the farm

We go weekly to a local farm to get raw milk. The farm is called Meadow Cottage Farm. They are on the Churt Road in Churt.

They have a lovely Jersey herd. Their milk is divine. I have rarely tasted milk so good.
But as they also have males born, they occasionally butcher one. When that happens we get the offer of buying some of that meat. I am so impressed by the meat of these boys. It is the most tasty I have ever had. I have bought organic and grassfed before from farms local to me before we moved here. One had Marchigiana cattle. That meat was very nice as well, but in all honesty the meat of these Jersey boys is the best I have ever had.

They also keep pigs and occasionally butcher one of those as well. So recently we ended with a package of pork on top of our beef. Our freezer can hardly keeps its doors closed.
these pigs are kept very naturally and also with the pigs you taste it. It is such tasty meat. The sausages are the best I have ever tasted.

So in a nutshell, naturally raised animals taste better.