Thursday, 28 January 2016

Knitting: Celtic earth hat Test knit

On 24 January I was invited to join a test knit. This time for a hat, the Celtic earth hat. It has been designed by Linda Dawkins, also known as mamma4earth. It looks really nice and it should knit up really fast and easily.
I have looked through my stash and found a fitting yarn that will do nicely. Not the nicest of colours, but just nice.

On 26 January I cast on and I finished it on the 27th. It was a very straightforward and easy pattern to knit. When it goes on sale I recommend getting it and making this hat for as many family members as would like to have one LOL

Finished, laying flat on the table.

On a child's head :-)

As said child immediately confiscated it, I have in the meantime cast on another one for myself, as I really like the hat and want one for myself as well.

This one will be in a blue and white yarn. I really like this yarn.

Here is the link to the blog post of Linda about this hat:

And here you can find her on