Sunday, 17 January 2016

Our nature walk today Sunday 17 January 2016

As we home education in the Waldorf tradition we daily take a nature walk. Today it was really lovely to go into the woods behind our house. We always take our dog along as this nicely goes hand in hand with each other. The children enjoy the woods, the running and looking at nature and such. Our dog enjoys the running around and playing with other dogs and the children. 
Often the children bring something home for our nature table or for our garden.
Sometimes the dog brings something home as well, usually the odd branch or so.

It had been freezing last night and it was snowing during the night. This morning it was still snowing. This lasted until well past 10 am, which was really nice. Our walk was around noon and there was still quite a nice dusting of snow to be found all about. Unfortunately for the children and the dog it all thawed away during the afternoon.