Thursday, 4 February 2016

Knitting: Marin the horse

In 2014 I joined a test knit of Linda Dawkins for the Marin the Horse pattern. I finished one of them, as was the plan, but then one of my other children wanted to have a horse like that as well, which was quite understandable as it is a very cute horse. So I started making the other one, but then family issues happened, so I didn't manage to finish it. It ended up in a box due to moving short after that. Upon arrival in our house we found it to be left in an appalling state by our tenant, so it stayed in a box. Only recently I ended up being able to take it out and finish it.

The first picture is of the first horse. The second one of the horse I finished last weekend. I have use Hjertegarn Incawool for these 2 projects, these are self striping yarns and they give a lovely look to the treasured softies :-)

Through this link you can buy the pattern if you would like:

Here you can see the blog post of Linda about the pattern of the horse: