Thursday, 11 February 2016

The scandal of infant formula, article WAPF autumn 2015

In the magazine of the Weston A. Price Foundation, autumn 2015, there was an article published about the scandals surrounding infant formula. Below you will find an excerpt of it and the link to the  full article. It is very well worth a read, actually it is quite important to read this.

Here is the summary:

A Poor Replacement for Mother’s Milk
• Infant formula lacks many key substances for development and growth. If a key nutrient is missing or not available, the body cannot adequately accomplish the task.
• Infant formula is primarily composed of sugar or lactose, dried skim milk and refined vegetable oil which can include genetically modified components. Organic formula is made of basically the same ingredients but they are not genetically modified. Soy-based formula is made of soy protein, sugar and refined oils.
• Breast milk from a well-nourished mother is composed of hundreds of substances—over one hundred fats alone.
• Infant formula contains double the amount of protein that breast milk does, which promotes insulin resistance and adiposity.
• There have been over twenty infant formula recalls since 1980 involving ingredients, pollution with pathogens, adulteration with foreign substances like glass, lack of required nutrients, foul smells, etc.
• Rocket fuel, phthalates, melamine, and high levels of heavy metals have been found in infant formula.
• There is no FDA regulation of infant formula; proof of safety is left to the manufacturers.
• Additives to infant formula, such as iron, DHA, ARA and laboratory-made folic acid are all problematic.
• Heat damages the protein in formulas forming advanced glycation end products as well as compromising the nutritional value.

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