Monday, 8 February 2016

The Swiss tour

Every year Judy, a chapter leader from the Weston A. Price Foundation, organises a tour through Switzerland in which she takes a group to various traditionally working farms and such. This is a lovely tour for people who are WAPF minded.

This is the planned program (subject to unforeseen changes):

  • Watch modern and old-fashioned alpine cheese making - meet the farmers!
  • Learn about raw meat, blood and sausage preservation - question the butchers.  Enjoy a variety of cured local raw meat!
  • Visit a unique dairy farm where milk is not allowed to shake - learn about honey bees!
  • Worm farming? Listen and question a worm farmer - see his money making operation!
  • Walk with an herbalist on a guided alpine plant adventure and learn basic ‘hands on’ salve making. Take your salve home!
  • Use your elbow grease to make ‘ancient sourdough rye bread’ using the old wooden dough troth - in a historical mountain village! Guided walk to the heirloom rye fields!
  • Visit the Alimentarium (historical food museum) and take a steamboat ride to the famous Medieval Castle Chillon on the beautiful lake of Geneva!
  • Ride the breathtaking gondola (or walk the path through the cliffs of the mountains) to the 1000 sheep festival on the Gemmi Mountain!
  • Visit a museum and a research institute
  • Enjoy the route of the Glacier Express with spectacular mountain views!
  • Walk the L√∂tschental where Dr. Price walked and find the brand new plaque in his honor!
In the time that we lived in Switzerland I met Judy, your tour guide, and she is a lovely person. I met up with the group that she was guiding that year in the capital city Bern. It was really great to see how she was interacting with them and showing them many things and talking to them about the traditional ways of Switzerland. My children and I had a very good time that day. There were a few children in the group that year as well.

The tour is happening this summer, as every summer really. The dates are Thursday 21 July 2016 - Thursday 4 August 2015. You will have to arrange your own flight and Swiss rail pass. In case you are interested in joining this tour, please send a message to Judy:, subject WAPCH16.