Saturday, 6 February 2016

Veg box from Asda

Today I read in the Huffington Post that Asda has recently launched the Wonky Veg Box. This is a box of vegetables that do not look perfect, so they would normally not easily get sold. So they put it in a box and sell it for the price of £3,50, yes, you read that right £3,50. This box has enough in there to feed a family of 4 for a whole week. That is a lot of food for just £3,50.
I usually am not a big fan of Asda as they tend to have a lot of junk in their isles and lots of cheap stuff. But this move really made them score points in my book. I may actually try one of them in the coming weeks. We usually have a vegetable box every week, but I really would like to see what is in this box as I really like the way this is done. Vegetables that are usually not sold as they are wonky can now go to low income families who can eat a whole lot healthier this way than they might otherwise do.
There is a whole big list of Asda stores that sell them on their website.

This is the image that Asda uses for their box on their website. Looks quite good to me. Love the cucumbers :-)
Often enough my home grown vegetables look similar or worse.