Friday, 5 February 2016

Waldorf ebook library

As we home educate in a Waldorf style way, I like to read about Waldorf educating. A couple of years ago I read about The Waldorf library. Since then I have regularly downloaded a book or 2 there to read. It is a lovely library. So many very interesting books. I would love to read the majority of them, but I'm sure I cannot do so any more in this life unfortunately. My reading list seems to grow with every book I read, on which ever topic, as there are often lots of nice books mentioned in the reading list :-)

Rudolf Steiner

There are also journals and articles to be found there. Some you can also download.

There is also a wonderful website on which you can download books to listen to. I really like that website as well, as sometimes for long walks with the dog, or a long road trip it can be great to simply listen to a book which has been read to me. The person reading the books has a very nice voice.

Enjoy all the reading and listening that you can do :-)