Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The truth about cancer docu series.

A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a type of cancer that is in the cavity behind the lungs because of exposure to asbestos dust. It was awful to see what it did to her. She ended up with having the cavity behind her lungs fill up with fluids, which compressed her lungs, which made breathing very hard. This happened several times before her passing. The way she ended up breathing was heartbreaking.
Unfortunately there is very little to be done for this type of cancer. Her consultant told her that the only treatment available was very harsh and required her to be quite fit to be able to go through it, but as her health wasn't great, he recommended against it, as without she would live longer than with.
This ordeal triggered in me an interest to learn more about cancer and to especially learn a lot more about prevention of cancer.

I have read various books and looked into quite a lot of research with regards to cancer. I have learned over the years is that I am frequently appalled by how the present day medical establishment treats people with cancer. The treatments are very harsh, painful and debilitating, but the part where people get told they are going to die within x amount of time really bothers me as well. It would be psychologically much nicer to talk about staying alive and how the plan is to achieve that. Some research has shown that having a positive view on it and surviving it tends to give very good results in people living much longer.
Besides that there are so many other choices people can make. Unfortunately most of those choices are completely unknown to the vast majority of people, which is quite sad, as it would be so much better if people were given a choice on they would like to treat themselves and their children.

I have read up on Dr. Gonzalez and his treatments, I watched various presentations he did. All very very fascinating. I have also read up on Dr. Burzynski. His treatment is also totally fascinating. And there are many, many more Doctors who treat cancer in different way, which aren't the standard way of treatment, with very, very good results.

Today there is a trailer of a docu-series (free to watch online) available about cancer.
Here is the link where episode 1 starts: The truth about cancer
This series is actually tremendously interesting as it goes into a lot of detail about cancer, prevention and treatments. The information shared in this docu-series has the potential to save lives. Therefore, I recommend watching the series, or buying the DVD if that suits you better. It is never bad to learn more about such a difficult illness.

On this post you will find a few pictures of my mother. The series being broadcasted online made me think of her, so here it is in her memory.