Monday, 18 April 2016

Tibetan scoby

A few weeks ago I received a Tibetan scoby in the post. I was so exited, a new baby!
I already ordered Pu-ehr tea for it, as that is the tea that is necessary for brewing kombucha tea with this particular scoby.

In the first picture (to the right) you see the sweetened hot water in which I have just put my tea tube with Pu-ehr tea in there, you see the tea change the colour of the water a little bit around the tube.

In the next picture (to the left) you can that it has steeped quite a bit more.

As I have been brewing Kombucha and Jun fermented teas for quite some years in the meantime, I am sure it will not be difficult to get used to brewing this one as well. So far it has proven to be just as simple as black tea Kombucha and Jun

Since I received the scoby I have been making Kombucha with it, which has been three times now. We have one bottle with fermented tea in there, while another round is brewing. I have just started last Sunday (17.4.2016) with the newest round.

I have been amazed at the lovely flavour of the Kombucha tea this scoby with the Pu-ehr tea provides. This was the bottle that was empty the fastest, as the whole family loved the flavour. The next one is black tea Kombucha and last is the green tea Jun. I am the only one drinking the Jun fermented tea, no one else in the family enjoys that. Which is fine, more for me :-)

On these 2 pictures you see on the left my Jun tea brewing, which is green tea with honey. On the right you see my Kombucha tea brewing, which is black tea with sugar.