Monday, 4 April 2016

Unpasteurised milk UK

There is an online petition in the UK to support the possibility to buy unpasteurised milk in UK. I think it should remain an option to buy unpasteurised milk in the UK.
The milk produced by farmers who sell it unpasteurised is of a much higher quality than the milk bought in the supermarket. The farmers that I know who sell unpasteurised milk are treating their animals much better. Their animals have a very good quality of life.
The farmer where we buy our milk also has the calves drink directly from the cow for the time they need it. They are not bottle fed at all, unless that is necessary. According to our farmer this is a much easier way of working with much less problems, and therefore a win-win.

I have signed the petition and hope many more will do so. You can find it here:
unpasteurised milk petition