Sunday, 28 August 2016

Home made supplements

Yesterday I made home made supplements. I made liver capsules and I made turmeric capsules.

For the liver capsules I dehydrates my chicken liver in my Excalibur dehydrator. I only have a 5 tray dehydrator, I should really have gotten the 9 tray, but hey, you live and learn.

Anyway, the dehydrating takes a bit of time, about 24 hours. Try to make sure that you do not dehydrate it to the point of the liver being really hard. It is easier to grind it into powder when it is still slightly flexible.

Once you have it dehydrated you can put it in a kitchen machine to grind it up or even in a mortar and pestle, though that would be more time consuming.
I use my Kenwood kitchen machine and use the nut / coffee grinder attachment as that does a great job.

After that, I put it all the liver poweder in a bowl and get my capsule "machine" out. It is nothing much, but works like a charm. I make size 0 capsules. So I put the longer sides of the capsule in the bottom part of the machine and the shorter sides in the top part. After that I put the liver powder in the bottom sides and push it in with the part that does that.

Then I put the top sides on top and push the bottom sides into the top sides with the machine. After that I push the completed capsules out of the the top of the machine. And then there are 24 capsules finished. It goes fairly quick and easy.

Today I also made turmeric capsules. That is done in the exact same way.

From the liver capsules I take 2 a day as that is more or less equal to 1 tablespoon of liver a day. It has certainly helped me feel better. I use a combination of turmeric to pepper of 99% turmeric and 1% black pepper.

From the turmeric capsules I started off taking 2 as I am experimenting with how much I need. This is different for everyone. It is worth researching the use of turmeric a bit before you would start using them. However, you can't overdose on it as it is just a simple food.