Thursday, 11 August 2016

Knitting: How to knit a wrapped stitch

As I mentioned in some other posts I have made several videos lately ahbout various knitting hacks. This one is about knitting wrapped stitches. In socks, when you knit the peasant or boomerang heel, you end up with wrapped stitches all over the heel. Some with one wrap, but most with two wraps. When I first learned about it I found it fairly confusing and wished I could have seen in a video how someone does this. So I decided to make my own video about this.
I will add the links to the videos to my patterns as well, so that when people are looking for how to knit something they can just click on the link in my pattern and see how it goes. This way I do not have to check all the time whether the videos that I have used from others will still work, as sometimes they just leave YouTube. I've had that several times myself when I wanted to access a video that was mentioned in a pattern and I simply couldn't go there and had to look for another.

So here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed my video!

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