Friday, 5 August 2016

Knitting: wristlets

Quite a few years ago I purchased the book: "Knitting lingerie style" by the designer Joan McGowan-Michael. I have knit several of the garments in there and will continue with quite a few more. Last week I was at a festival and had quite a bit of time to knit or so between my workshops. So I went for the wristlets in the book. The pattern is described as knit flat and then sew the back of it together. I don't like sewing knitwear so where I can I knit in the round, as I have done with these as well. It made it a very quick and easy knit. I also knit them the way I knit socks, 2 at the same time, in the round on a circular needle. I spend a bit of time here and there between kids and workshops over the space of 2 days and then they were done. On the top picture you see the outside and on the bottom picture the inside of the wristlets. I am very pleased with how they turned out. 

Here is the link to my ravelry page on the wristlest: Wristlets on Ravelry

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