Sunday, 28 August 2016

Plum Jam

Last Friday we went over to the house of a friend to pick some plums and such. She's away for a bit and her trees are full of ripe fruits. So we got several kilos of plums that were very nice and ripe. We went fairly early in the morning, so that we would have the afternoon free to make jam and whatever else I wanted to do. We only made jam this time, but I'll probably go by next week again and then I'll make a pflaumenkuchen, that is German for a typical German plum cake. This cake is made from a sweet yeast dough and very tasty.

Anyway, this time we came home with well over 2 kilos of plums and as I had enough jam sugar we right away started washing the plums. I then juiced a lemon. I made twice a 1 kilo batch as my biggest pan was already taken for other stuff. So I just did it twice. It doesn't take that long anyway. So first 1 kilo of plums and the juice of 1 lemon go in the pan until the plums fall apart. After that I added 1 kilo of jam sugar and then I let it cook for about 6 minutes, until it started to gel. Then I let it sit for about 15 minutes, while I sterilised the jam jars with hot water. I put those out to dry and by the time the 15 minutes were done the jars were ready. Then they got filled and were left to cool down. The next day we had pancakes with plum jam and whipped cream. Soooooo tasty!