Monday, 22 August 2016

What did we eat today (22/08/2016)

Every week I first check what we still have in stock, make a list and after that I make a menu plan taking into account what we have. And once I am done with that I make a shopping list of all we need to get all the meals cooked and on the table. I like doing that and planning it all out at it first of all means meals are fairly easy to make, I can cut and soak and all well ahead of time. It also saves us quite some money as it usually all gets used in meals and we often don't have a lot left at the end of the week. I hate throwing away food.
In general on Friday we have left-over day. During the week I put left-overs in containers in the freezer and take that out on Thursday evening, put it in the fridge and heat it up in the evening for dinner. I do not have left-overs every Friday and in case that is the case I have to come up with quick plan. Usually we have mince or chicken in the freezer, so a quick hamburger meal,  shawarma meal or doener meal is easy to fix.

So, what did we have today.

For breakfast we had sourdough waffles with banana and whipped cream. I had raw milk to drink with it. I will post the recipe tomorrow and link it here.

For lunch we had a baked potato with tuna and some sauerkraut. I found the combination of sauerkraut and tuna very nice on the baked potato. I will certainly do this more often. I had water kefir to drink with it. At some point in the future I will write about how I make water kefir. It is very easy.

For dinner we had Indonesian food. Rice, Sambal goreng eggs and Sajoer tumis cabbage.