Saturday, 3 September 2016

Menu plan for the week from 3 September

Every Tuesday or Wednesday I make a menu plan and right after I do my online shopping. The shopping gets delivered on Thursday and Friday, so my menu plan starts on Saturday. I have themed the days of the week to have meals from a particular area of the world as we like to eat varied. 
I try to implement eating liver, heart and fish regularly. Somehow I'm much more successful with liver than with fish and heart. 
I usually offer a fermented food with the meals, though those are usually not on my menu list, unless they are of a special sort. 
I try to have a small salad with our dinners. I'm not every day successful with that though.
Soups we tend to have for lunch, simply as broth is important to have on a daily basis and we all like soup. My sauces are usually made with broth, milk or cream, never just water.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Saturday Sourdough pancakes Onion soup, bread Salad, beef tacos
Sunday Eggs, bacon, sausages Mushroom soup, bread Salad, stifado
Monday Sourdough waffles Chicken soup, bread Salad, cashew chicken
Tuesday French toast, smoothie Vegetable soup,
sausage rolls
Salad, flammkuchen
Wednesday Sourdough crepes Tomato soup, bread Salad, chicken döner,
falafel, hummus
Thursday Toasties Chinese chicken
soup, bread
Salad, pasta Michel
Friday Butterscotch porridge Stir-fry coconut soup,
hotdogs, buns
Salad, leftovers

The vast majority of our grain dishes are made with sourdough. I have a bowl with sourdough starter standing on my counter and I use the starter to make the waffles, pancakes and other breakfast meals. I feed it every day, so it is necessary to use it regularly, otherwise the amount would overflow my kitchen some day.
The toppings vary from sweet to savoury, depending on the person and the mood.
The rest of our grain dishes are made with soaked flour / grains. The porridge is also soaked.
The soups are make with home made broth.