Friday, 16 September 2016

What did we eat today (29/08/2016)

Nasi goreng & fu yung hai
So today we have a relatively relaxed day. I just needed to do a bit of shopping, but that's all. It's a bank holiday after all, so we should keep it relaxed.

So for breakfast we had:
Sourdough waffles, I had some fruit and a sausage with it and raw milk to drink. The kids all did their own thing with the waffles.

For lunch:
Hash browns in all its various ways.

For dinner we have:
Nasi goreng and fu yung hai.

Somehow for me that is quite a normal combination, despite the fact that the nasi goreng originates form Indonesia and the fu yung hai from China. In many Chinese restaurants in The Netherlands people eat that combination. It is commonly served, frequently together with babi pangang, which is a Chinese style dish with an Indonesian name. What I love about Indonesia is that a lot of people from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds moved there over the centuries and all the dishes these people took along were in some way incorporated into the Indonesian kitchen. Therefore very European vegetables are also commonly used. They are simply used in Indonesian dishes, such as a sajur or a sambal goreng. I love it. It makes making Indonesian food in Europe totally doable.

Together with the Turkish kitchen the Indonesian are my favourites