I have been toying with the idea of blogging about all that goes on in my head for a long time. And recently I decided it was time to start blogging. I often get questions about why I do things in certain ways, or why I do not do certain things for that matter :-)
So here it is. My blog.
In this post I will explain a few things about myself and show you what you can expect to find in this blog.

First the name. Connecting life. This refers to the way I connect the dots of life. There are so many ideas and inspiration sources out there. But not all are up to scratch as far as I am concerned. So I have read many years and many resources and have come to conclusions of what is useful in life and what isn't.

My inspiration with regards to the various topics I am blogging about is drawn from various sources. Here are some of them, but this is not an excluding list, mind you. Jean Liedloff, Alice Miller, Ingeborg Bosch, Rudolf Steiner. Weston A. Price, Francis Pottenger, Tetyana Obukhanych, Hilary Butler. Samuel Hahnemann, Sally Fallon. Chris Masterjohn, Mary Enig and many, many more. Lots of friends have also triggered my brain into thinking about things in more depth, for which I am grateful.

So when it comes to parenting I use an approach called The Continuum Concept. However, I have also learned a lot from Rudolf Steiner. I am not dogmatic about either approach as both are complementary to each other. I have been a leader for Attachment Parenting International and subsequently for Attachment Parenting Europe for many years and still am for the latter.

I am also convinced that the best approach to feeding a baby is to breastfeed them full-term. I have also been an La Leche Leader for many years, before that I was a contactperson for the Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk.

When it comes to education I use an approach that is heavily leaning towards unschooling, but has elements of the Waldorf education included in it. We leave the children fairly free in their ways, but have a house full of toys of natural materials and natural crafting materials and such. We expose the children to lots of crafts and various types of handwork. We love taking them to places where they can see people make items by hand, such as baskets. Living history places and reenactments are a rich source of those people and their crafts.

With regards to nutrition I am convinced that the only right way is a traditional diet. That is not a diet as such, but an approach to leave out all processed foods and only eat foods that people recognised as food 100 or longer years ago. It sounds very sensible to me, considering the utterly low quality of many food products these days.

So we eat foods that are grassfed, organic and will perish.

Considering medical choices, we keep things as natural as possible. We use herbs and homeopathics and such and have so far managed to keep the whole family healthy that way.

We have 4 kids and some pets. We love our Stabyhoun dog. He is of a rare Frisian breed and we will let him become a daddy when his x-rays and DNA test says he's fit for it.

So my goal is to post anything with regards to information on Mondays.

Tuesdays will be recipes
Wednesdays will be about health.
Thursdays will be something crafty.
Friday will be education, parenting and breastfeeding.
On Saturday or Sunday I will post about a remedy from the huge realm that is available in the natural healing world.

As I have a relatively busy life I will likely not post a blog on every day, most likely it will be a few a week or even less at times.

In October 2016 I started doing some nutrition courses on Coursera which I find quite interesting. Of course i do not agree with every bit that is taught there as I have been reading for a long time about nutrition and have dug through quite some research in the field, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the information shared in the courses.
They are:
Introduction to Food and Health - Stanford University
Child Nutrition and Cooking - Stanford University.

Please do leave comments or ask questions, I will do my best to reply to them. It may even increase the volume of the blog, as I tend to find it easier to reply to a question than just write something out of the blue.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


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